May 22, 2017 - North and Middle nests!

North: Ingrid and Tom had their first nest of the season and first for the North 80 yds. north of #7mm! It was laid in a good location and they were able to leave it natural. Way to go!

Middle: Walter also had his first nest this season 127 yds. north Walkway #7. It was well above the high tide line so it was left natural. Good job Walter!

DEB 4   HOB 3   SCUTE 16   SC 515


May 20, 2017 - Hobcaw nest #3

Debordieu SCUTE

Hobcaw: Wendy had a nest today in front of the southernmost DeBordieu house! She probed, found the egg chamber and decided to leave the nest natural. Way to go Wendy!

DEB 2   HOB 3   SCUTE 9   SC  443

May 19, 2017 - Hobcaw nest #2!

Hobcaw: The turtle that had a false crawl yesterday at #1mm successfully nested at #6mm! Bill found tracks leading into the dead bushes with a tight turnaround. When he returned and probed the area he found this was a "tidy turtle" who had a very concise nest! It was in a safe location so he left it natural. Good job Bill:)

DEB 2   HOB 2   SCUTE 7   SC 410

May 18, 2017 - Hobcaw’s first nest 5/17 & false crawl today

Debordieu SCUTE

Hobcaw: On Wednesday, Kathi A. had the first Hobcaw nest which was laid facing North Inlet (Photo Gallery 52). She relocated 98 eggs to north of #18mm. Good job Kathi!

This morning, Susan had a U turn false crawl at the #1mm (photo). Let's hope this turtle tries again tonight!

DEB 2   HOB 1   SC 293

May 16, 2017 - Hobcaw false crawl

Debordieu SCUTE

Hobcaw: Susan had today's only activity, a short turnaround false crawl north of #18mm. It was a very wide crawl and likely made by a large loggerhead. Hopefully, she will try again tonight.

DEB 2   HOB 0   SC 217

May 14, 2017 - Middle nest #2!

Middle: In celebration of Mothers Day, we had a nesting turtle just north of Walkway #8. It was a textbook crawl and Bill wasted no time locating the egg chamber. He felt it was in a good spot and left it natural.

DEB 2   HOB 0   SC 165


May 13, 2017 - No new crawls

There was no activity this morning. We expected Gimpy's return to Hobcaw but there were no new crawls. Robin reprobed one of Susan's crawls from yesterday but did not find eggs. Gimpy may have headed to North Island.

DEB 1   HOB 0   SC 115

May 12, 2017 - Gimpy crawl #3

Hobcaw: The right rear flipperless turtle, Gimpy, returned for 2 more attempts last night. Susan found crawls at #10mm and #12mm. She felt the one at #12 had more possibilities but found no eggs. Robin and Judy will give it a try tomorrow. If Gimpy returns tonight, we will know these were definitely false crawls.

DEB 1   HOB 0

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