June 27, 2017 - 2 Middle Nests!

Debordieu SCUTE

Middle: Suzette and Judy K. had 2 nests this morning. The first crawl was just north of Walkway #6 with a big difference in the incoming/outgoing track. This indicates the turtle spent some time on the beach. Judy probed as a crowd gathered and enjoyed some turtle education. Carolyn, Suzette and Kathi A. were there for support. The egg chamber was located and the decision was made to relocate the nest directly back since it was below the spring tide line. There were only 40 eggs in the clutch which is a really low number. The 2nd crawl, just north of Walkway #7, lead up to the sand fence. Judy, again probed and found the eggs. The decision was made to leave this nest natural. This was a busy day for the Middle and Judy did a great job with her probing and first nest relocation! (More photos in Photo Gallery %$)

DEB 24   HOB 17   SCUTE 113   SC 3017

June 25, 2017 - Middle Nest!

Debordieu SCUTE

Middle: Judy K. found a loopy crawl south of Walkway #2. After much probing and digging, she decided it was a false crawl. She met some people who said they saw the turtle coming out of the ocean around 9:00 p.m. last night. They said she was there a while and very still as a crowd of people took photos with their phones. Judy felt she should probe again and ended up locating the egg chamber...we are proud of your determination!

A Plea to People on the Beach: This turtle's meandering return to the ocean was likely caused by the blinding lights from cell phones:( This is occurring on other beaches and is causing a number of aborted nesting attempts. Sea turtles are naturally skittish on land and movement or noise usually scares them back into the ocean. If you see a turtle emerging from the ocean or already on the beach, PLEASE stay at a distance, crouch down, remain still and encourage others to do the same. When the turtle has dug her chamber and becomes very still, you can quietly move in behind her and watch an incredible event.

DEB 22   HOB 17   SCUTE 107   SC 2884

June 24, 2017 - 2 North Nests! Hobcaw false crawl

Debordieu SCUTE

North: Pat, subbing for Judie E., had 2 crawls that both turned out to be nests! The first was just south of #8mm and laid low on the beach (photo). Pat found a broken egg in the top caused from coarse, shelly sand. She decided to relocate the nest and found 4 additional broken eggs. She cleaned the eggs as she relocated because yolk can create a fungus that can infect the eggs. She moved 92 good eggs to a higher spot on the beach. The nest north of #9mm was laid in a good location so Pat was able to leave it natural. This was a busy morning for this volunteer but she took care of these 2 nests enthusiastically...great dedication Pat!

Hobcaw: Wendy and Judy K. were convinced they also had a nest just north of #3mm. But, after much probing and digging, they came up empty-handed. Let's hope this turtle returns tonight.

DEB 21   HOB 17   SCUTE 101   SC 2825

June 23, 2017 - Middle & Hobcaw false crawls

Middle: Beth found a crawl north of Walkway #10 that lead up to dense grasses and had no body pit. She probed to be sure before calling it a false crawl.

Hobcaw: Just a short distance south in Ocean Green, south of Walkway #12, Bill also had a false crawl. This appeared to be a later attempt and could be the same turtle Beth had.

DEB 19   HOB 16   SCUTE 98   SC 2682

June 22, 2017 - Gimpy successful on 3rd try ! 2 Hobcaw false crawls

Debordieu SCUTE

Hobcaw: Kathi A. reported our beloved flipperless Gimpy successfully nested on just her 3rd try on cycle #3! Last time, it took her 15 false crawls before laying her nest. Her missing right rear flipper hinders her ability to dig her egg chamber. She overcame that disability this time and nested just north of #13mm! Kathi found 2 false crawls (not Gimpy) down the beach at #16mm and #18mm. Maybe this turtle will try again tonight.

DEB 19   HOB 17   SCUTE 95   SC 2636

June 21, 2017 - 2 Hobcaw false crawls

Debordieu SCUTE

Hobcaw: Susan had a false crawl in front of the big tan house in Ocean Green (photo). The turtle crawled almost to the top of the dune and made a tight turnaround. On down the beach, Susan had a "Gimpy" false crawl north of #13mm where the turtle left an open chamber. This turtle has a problem digging a chamber because she is missing her right rear flipper. Her many attempts usually yield a nest but it can be very frustrating for volunteers. This is her 3rd nesting round this season, so far.

DEB 19   HOB 16   SCUTE 94   SC 2569

June 20, 2017 - Middle & Hobcaw Nests - Certification!

Debordieu SCUTE

Middle: Kathi A., joined by Judy K., had a crawl just south of Walkway #11 with nest potential and in a good location. Judy, working toward certification, did the probing and located the egg chamber like a pro! They were able to leave the nest natural (DEB19).

Certification: Today's nest earned Judy her certification! She has shown great dedication in earning this recognition driving from Surfside Beach almost daily since May 3rd. Judy has learned our 5+ miles of beach, walking each section and with 10 different volunteers. She has a son, daughter and husband, David. We are very happy to have Judy join our group of volunteers...congratulations!

Hobcaw: Robin found a U-turn false crawl 95 yds. south of #9mm. At the inlet, there was a crawl south of #18mm. Robin probed the body pit, located the egg chamber and was able to leave this as a natural nest (HOB16)....go Robin!

DEB 19   HOB 16   SCUTE 93   SC 2463


June 19, 2017 - Middle/Hobcaw false crawls

Debordieu SCUTE

Middle: Walter was joined today by Jane and Judy K., both working toward certification. They had a false crawl just south of Walkway #6. Walter took the opportunity to point out the characteristics of a false crawl and let the trainees get some probing experience.

Hobcaw: Steve let us know that our beloved Gimpy who is missing her right rear flipper has returned for nesting round #3. She came in south of #7mm but did not nest, leaving open chambers. Steven probed some of the areas to be sure.

DEB 18   HOB 15   SCUTE 83   SC 2412

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